Recommendations of Comics from Various Genres


Being a nerd is not a dream, but somehow there are so many people who enjoy getting more attractive materials as their entertainment. The unique thing of the nerds is about how they adore comics and more things that will make them imagine things. In this case, reading comics has been one of the most common labels that have been attached to them. But, above all, you can also get the best way of improving their comfort. In some cases, you need to make sure that you can deal with the new comics to read. In this case, you can learn more about how you deal with the comics that will make you crazy due to its story development and other aspects.

Reading the comics will not only be your entertainment. Besides, there are so many layers of the universe where the comics are built, making sure that the readers will get more experiences in finding the sensation of really being there in the book. The layers of their universe will also make sure that it is simple yet also good for the readers. They will lure the readers to enter the imagination and experience a whole new world. So, if you are one of those comic lovers, you might also want to know some unique books you can consider reading. In this article, we’ll give you some unique comics to read.

Recommendation for a Simple Comic Story

For every comic lover, reading a comic book will make sure that you can get the best experience when choosing the books. In this case, when you access them via online platforms like websites, you can deal with more attractive things. You will also get some common comics that offer daily life stories, making sure that it can relate to your life. So, the readers will be able to laugh along with the story. It will never let the readers left behind in the story. Here are some of the most attractive comics with simple stories.

  1. Roller Girl, authored by Victoria Jamieson is one of the most unique stories you can get. The most attractive things about the comic are about how you can get more attractive graphics with high quality illustration. Of course, you will have a simple story of a teenager who will chase her dream, being apart from her best friend and fight for her dream. It is simple with a universal story, making sure that you can even relate to the story.
  2. If you love something funny, you can get Kyle Starks’ comic with the title of Sexcastle. It might sound a bit kinky, but however, you can get the best experience when reading the books. In the comic, you can experience a unique 80s sensation through the story. Besides, you can also get some attractive characters with unique similarities with popular stars like Sylvester Stallone and others.
  3. To the ones who love the beautiful comics, you might be falling in love with Girl in Dior by Annie Goetzinger. It is beautiful with the unique graphics. The girly color palette that is used for drawing this comic is even more alive when you read them. It has a French style making sure that you can feel the glamorous experience. By reading these good comics, you can experience something versatile, beautiful and eye-opening.

With various unique story developments, Goetzinger has been successfully creating a universe of a fighting girl who has a different point of view of mode. There are also some complications in the stories. But, you can also find some attractiveness in Jamieson and Starks’ comics. Those three comics might not be as popular as the common heroes’ comics but are still worth to read.