Get to Know Some Unique Comics from Japan

For everyone who loves comics, Japanese comics which are usually called as manga have been one of the most unique comics in the world. The uniqueness can be found in some things that will be perfect for everyone who loves this kind of comics. However, they have their own lovers, making sure that you will never find any disappointment when you read them. When it comes to the quality, the readers will find something more unique and different in Japanese comics. If you are one of those manga fans, choosing a good manga will be important. But, what makes their comics to be more attractive?

The comics from Japan is designed with something unique. The attractive thing about manga is that there are all genres that will be perfect for your style. From the simple, humorous comics to the ones with the action genre, you can find them easily from the choices in their genres. You can also explore more things when you choose Japan comics due to some attractive layouts. If you are common with western comics, then reading the comic books from Japan will be really refreshing with new characters and others. Of course, you can find it to be one of the best in the comic industry.

The Recommendation for Every Japan Comic Lover

When it comes to you to choose the manga as your reading material, you can find them easily in Japanese comics. But, there are some simple yet attractive manga books that will make you feel happy, sad and excited as the story goes. In this case, at least there are four recommended manga that will be suitable if you are new as a Japanese comic lover.

  1. Death Note, a popular yet dramatic comic that will blow your mind. It is a fusion between the modern world and the supernatural aspect in the comic. Indeed, there will be lots of Japanese cultures and believes that will be explored here. With the charismatic main character Light Yagami and his duel with the genius detective L, you will get it as one of the best dramatic comics with a touch of Japanese supernatural beliefs.
  2. One Punch Man is also something you can try if you read them for the first time. In this comic, you will be introduced to Saitama who lives in the City Z ruins. He joins the Heroes Association to fight monsters that are lurking the people lives. It offers a simple introduction to Japanese culture with its simple vocabularies and attractive illustration.
  3. For the ones who love the adventurous story, you can try reading One Piece, a unique yet also popular Japanese comic. In this comic, you will explore an imaginative universe with so many unique characters. You will also follow Luffy’s pirate gang to find the famous prize hidden by popular pirate Jack D. Roger, the One Piece. There, they will have to fight the government and fellow pirates.
  4. If you want to read another adventurous story in Japanese comics, go read Fairy Tale. This comic introduces you to the lives of magicians in a fantasy universe. The story is all about friendship, love, loyalty, and You will never get bored when reading their story with various unique story development.

See, Japan also has some unique comics that will be perfect for any comic lovers. Their comics are also offering something new as the authors often add some Japanese cultural touches. It means you can get the most dramatic story in such beautiful illustration. You can choose one of those comics to start your exploration and adventure in Japan’s most attractive comic books.